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Welcome to Ember

At Ember we hand-craft web sites using a range of "mobile friendly" techniques to produce designs that are suitable for viewing on smart phones, tablet devices and PCs.

Fluid and Stepped Designs

Fluid designs make optimal use of the available space by reformatting the web page as the display window is widened and narrowed. We use fluid techniques where appropriate, but we also use a more subtle "stepped" technique. This provides more aesthetic control over the layout, by reformatting the page in discrete steps.

On a mobile phone, the display looks as if it is designed for a mobile, whilst on a tablet or PC screen it can be fluid or stepped, or a mixture of the two. This achieves the look and feel of separate web sites, whilst being entirely transparent to visitors to the site.

This site also hosts a web develloper tool that integrates the W3C validators, to allow HTML, CSS and links to be validated together. We also host the Crown Court sentencing abacus, and the EW screen emulator.